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نحن في الإعلام

New F3

Sedan The New F3 is a compact car (4 doors sedan, 5 passengers) produced in China by BYD Auto and released there in 2005. The New F3 is one of the top selling compact cars in China, looking very similar in front appearance to the 9th generation Toyota Corolla and back appearance to the Honda Fit Aria. As of January 2010, the New F3 retails for approximately CN¥60,000 (US$9,300) and the “out the door” price in China is approximately 20% more, for a total on-road cost of CN¥70,000 (taxes, licensing, insurance) (US$10,850). Through all of 2009, the New F3 held the honour as top-selling compact vehicle on the China mainland.

F5 Suri

Sports Sedan

The F5 Suri has again excelled with a five star performance rating in the all important C-NCAP crash test as per the third C-NCAP 2013 test results, published in September by the respected China Automotive Technology and Research Centre. The F5 Suri has not only attained a new record score for a Chinese home-grown brand with 56.5 points in C-NCAP but also performed better than many international joint venture brands such as Ford’s Kuga and Volkswagen’s Santana.



The F7 is a mid-size four-door saloon produced by Chinese manufacturer BYD Auto. The F7 is available with a choice of two four-cylinder petrol engines: a BYD designed all-aluminum-alloy 1.5 L (1497 cc) turbo (called TID) producing 113 kW (154 PS; 152 bhp) and 240 N·m (177 lb·ft) mated with a 6-speed dual clutch automatic or a Mitsubishi 483QB 2.0L (1991 cc) producing 103 kW (140 PS; 138 bhp) and 186 N·m (137 lb·ft) with a 5-speed manual.

S6 Safari


The S6 Safari is the first SUV model independently designed and manufactured by China’s Shenzhen-based battery, PV and auto maker, BYD Company Ltd. It looks exactly like a Lexus RX, but it’s just different enough to not count as a patent violation. The S6 Safari was shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show in late 2010, and since May 6, 2011 when this model was first officially sold in Changsha, China, it has witnessed a vibrant growth in sales thanks to its attractive SUV exterior design and overall performance in electronic equipment and safety, etc. It became the best-selling China domestic SUV in sales volume by reaching 15,000 units in December 2011. It has been recognized as the “Fastest Seller SUV” and named as China’s “SUV of the Year”, according to the Annual Ranking of Chinese Automobiles – the highest honour in the China Automotive Industry.

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