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The exterior design of S6 embodies urban and recreational themes without striving for the “off-road” style. Larger than vehicles in the same class, it has a length/width/height of 4810mm/1855mm/1680mm. Strong front lines, a honeycomb style front grille, crystal headlights, sporty wheels, and streamlined roof highlight the fashionable urban styling.

Electric door mirrors with LED turn indicators and welcome light can be folded or adjusted from the inside. The electrical heating function of the door view mirrors ensures maximum visibility when driving in rainy, snowy and foggy conditions. The right door view mirror is equipped with a Side View System which offers a better side view to assist the driver when driving or parking.


Extraordinary Performance

Based on tried and tested manufacturing processes and incorporating the latest in technology features such as the BIVT variable intake system, BYD S6 engines stand for performance and reliability. This, combined with a comprehensive range of transmissions, means that the S6 has a truly global appeal.

Superb Exterior Design

The superb design combines style and elegance with practicality to bring you the truly exciting experience of a sporty family car.

Smart-Key System

The S6 anti-theft system features the world’s leading intelligent anti-theft technologies.

Intelligent Anti-Theft System

The S6 anti-theft system features the world’s leading intelligent anti-theft technologies including immobilizer, power steering shaft lock and illegal entrance alarm.

Integrated Instrument Panel

The S6 instrument panel has a 4.3 inch TFT-LED screen with superior performance in brightness, contrast, power consumption, lifetime, size and weight. The S6 instrument panel provides the driver with real time driving information, such as fuel consumption, driving range, engine speed, average speed, running time, and mileage.


CAN-Bus comprises six communication networks which control a number of independent ECUs (Electronic Control Units). The data is sent and received by a crewel circuit so that each ECU on the network receives information at the same time and can transfer the data to control the appropriate system. CAN-BUS technology provides more stable performance and maximises efficiency.

Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning has been integrated into the multi-media system. Driver and passenger can control the dual zone air conditioning via a touch screen to change mode, directionality and strength where necessary.

Hands-Free Bluetooth

The Bluetooth function can easily be turned on and off using the buttons on the lower left of the S6 steering wheel.

GPS System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation system provides location information to a receiver in the car. Route and location information are clearly displayed and the system also provides audio instructions.


Door Trim

The S6 door trim consists of upper and lower guard plates, which are black and off-white respectively. The interior of the door panel is covered with beige yellow leather, which visually looks attractive and provides a luxury feel.

Large Trunk Space

With the rear seat in place the S6 has 1084-litres of boot space, or 2400-litres with the rear seats folded.

The Seat Is Adjustable By Six Positions

The height and rake of the seat can be adjusted flexibly according to driver and passenger needs. All the seats can move backwards and forwards through a large range. The rear backrests are split into a proportion of 40/20/40 and each part can be adjusted and lowered.

Storage Space

Glove box, card box, glasses cases and cup holders are all available in the S6. The various storage spaces can hold items of different sizes.

Removable Ashtray

Behind the central storage box the S6 has a removable ashtray for the convenience of passengers in the rear seats.

The Glove Box

The glove box is very large and uses a dampened design, which makes opening and closing easy and smooth.

FHM Control Panel

The FHM (Fuel cap, Headlights, Mirror) control panel is conveniently placed to the left of the steering wheel providing easy access to the fuel cap release, headlight height adjustment and door mirror controls.

Multi-Information Display

The parking radar information and passenger seat belt warning sign are prominently displayed in the multi- information display.

Safety Airbags

To help reduce the impact to occupants in a collision, the S6 is equipped with SRS twin front airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags.

Cage-Structure Body And Integral Stamping Side Frame

The cage-structure body and integral stamping side frame are designed to reduce the risk of serious injury in the event of a collision.

Proximity Sensors

BYD’s S6 is equipped with six proximity sensors, two of at the front and four at the rear, to make parking safer and easier. The front sensors alert the driver to obstacles 60cm away, while the middle two rear sensors warn when an obstacle is 120cm away and the outer two 60cm away. In addition, the frequency of the alert intensifies as the car gets closer to the obstacle, making this an easy way to judge distance and avoid scrapes.

Rearview System

A rearview camera shows the area behind the vehicle and transmits a picture directly to the DVD system’s screen. Superimposed (0.5/1/3 meter) lines indicate the correct path to take, ensuring the driver is able to avoid obstacles which are out of sight.

Disc Brakes For All Four Wheels

Disc brakes are fitted as standard on all four wheels, in every model, giving excellent braking performance.

ISO-FIX & Child Safety Lock

Three safety ISOFIX anchors can accommodate child car seats, maximizing the protection for children onboard.

Side View System

A camera on the side-view mirror provides the driver with a clear view of the right front area.


The BYD483QB

The BYD483QB design adopts the IVT (Intake Variable Technique) system, which continuously ensures optimum intake efficiency to maintain performance at different loads and speeds and improve driveability and overall engine efficiency. This tried and tested technology has been well received by both the motoring media and consumers.

DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)

A Dual-clutch transmission (DCT) incorporates two separate clutches – one for odd and one for even gears. In simple terms it can be described as two separate manual transmissions (along with their respective clutches) working together within one housing. They are usually operated in a fully automatic mode,but can also allow the driver to manually select gears themselves. DCT gearboxes are capable of changing gear faster and smoother than other conventional gearboxes, providing a more comfortable drive across a wide range of road conditions.

Front MacPherson Struts Independent Suspension

The MacPherson strut suspension layout consist of a wishbone or compression link stabilised by a secondary link, which provides a bottom mounting point for the hub or axle of the wheel. This lower arm system ensures both the lateral and longitudinal location of the wheel. The upper part of the hub is rigidly fixed to the inner part of the strut proper, the outer part of which extends upwards directly to a mounting in the body shell of the vehicle.

Rear Multi-Link Independent Suspension

The multi- link rear suspension layout offers good ride and handling as well as efficient use of space. The main advantage of this type of configuration is that each link, and its associated bushing, can be designed and oriented in the best possible way to benefit the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics.

Dimensions & Weight

Length mm 4810
Width mm 1855
Height mm 1725
Wheel Base mm 2720
Track mm 1580/1555
Min.Turning Radius m 5.9
Min.Ground Clearance mm 190
Curb Weight kg 1695 1775 1740
Tyre 255/65 R17

Engine & Transmission

Brand BYD483QB 4G69 BYD488QA
Type “L4/16 Valve.MPI” I4/16V, Water Cooling,OHC, MPI “L4/16 Valve.MPI”
Displacement L 2.0 2.4 2.4
Max.Power Km/rpm 103/6000 (138/6000) 118/5000-6000(158/5000-6000) 123/6000 (165/6000)
MMax.Torque Nm/rpm 186/4000~4500(137/4000~5000) 215/3500-4500(159/3500-4500) 234/4000(173/4000)
Top Speed Km/h ≥ 180(112) ≥ 185(115) ≥ 185(115)
Transmission 5MT 4AT 6MT / DCT

Brake & Suspension

Brake (F/R) Ventilated Disc/Disc
Suspension McPherson strut / McPherson Triple-connecting rod independent suspension


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