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The F5 Suri delivers a dynamic exterior with smooth body lines and strong visual impact. The twin chrome accents on the front, coupled with the diamond-like headlights radiate the car’s style.

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The rear lights are also diamond shaped and linked to the front of the car through a bodywork line which gives the F5 Suri’s design a fluidity and sporty edge.

Horizontal Chrome Front Grille

Horizontal chrome front grille which is the mainstream design in nowadays, appears to be simple and dynamic.


Exterior Rearview Mirrors


Electric Door Mirror with LED Cornering Lamp can be folded in, individually adjusted from the inside. Equipped with electrical heating function, the door mirrors ensure the safety of drivers and passengers when driving in rainy, snowy and foggy weather.


Exquisite and Aesthetic Design

Pursuing the superiority of future, the F5 Suri is released as a high-grade sedan,which systematically integrates comfort, dynamic trend and intelligence. The flowing lines design displays the sporty style of the city. The F5 Suri’s front view is designed as flying wing streamline, showing flying outline and reflecting the sporty and fashion features, full of sense of the future.
The workmanship of interior is refined. The bright piano paint panel with the base of the leather material shows a magnificent and mysterious temperament with beautiful shape and comfortable feel.


World-class TID Gold Power Assembly

The F5 Suri has 3 types of power assembly options for the user: 1.5TID, 1.5TI with 6-speed manual transmission and 1.5L with 5-speed manual transmission. BYD’s TID Golden Combination Powertrain assembly in the F5 Suri – 1.5TI turbocharged directed injection engine and 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) – are the highlights of the powertrain system, making it a leader amongst this grade of cars.

World Leading Remote Control Driving Technology

The F5 Suri is equipped with world leading technology of remote driving. In the visible range (10 meters around the vehicle), the F5 Suri can be started, and be controlled to move around at the speed less than 0.7km/h. This function can bring parking convenience to customers.

Smart-Key System

The smart key system allows you to keep the car key in your pocket when unlocking and starting the automobile. The key is identified via sensors in the car door. When you get close to the vehicle, it is automatically unlocked as soon as the door handle button is activated.

5.1 Track Audio System

Not only equipped with 5.1 track audio system, the F5 Suri is also offering ways to sync music and contacts stored on smartphones with the in-car entertainment system. 5.1 track audio system uses five full bandwidth channels and one low-frequency effects channel, and is also the standard surround sound audio component of digital broadcast and music.



Parking Assist System

The F5 Suri is equipped with EPB (Electrical Park Brake) rearview and sideview cameras, and 4 radar sensors, to make parking safer and easier. The frequency of the alert intensifies the closer the obstacle, making this an easy way to judge distance and avoid scrapes.

Integrated Instrument Panel

The F5 Suri dashboard applies the new split design, consisting of an instrument cluster and 4.3-inch TFT-LED displays with high intensity and contrast.

Can Bus

Can-Bus is composed of 6 communication networks which own independent ECU (Electronic Control Unit). The data is sent and received through a crewel circuit, so ECU on the network can receive the information at the same time, and transfer the data to control every module. Can-Bus technology provides more stable performance, maximize the efficiency.


Storage Space

Glove box, card box, glasses cases and cup holders are all available in the F5 Suri. The 18 various storage spaces can hold items of different sizes. The box on bottom of the front door is very large for putting bottles easily. In the rearseats,there is a special storage box which can be lifted conveniently. Overall, storage space inside the car is quite humanized. The occupants can find the right place to put articles and take them out easily.


The trunk space reaches 450L with large width and excellent longitudinal depth. Additionally, based on the traditional functions of BYD keyless system, the trunk also can be opened by the keyless system, via pushing the microswitch intelligently and conveniently.



Cavity Blocking Tech

Cavity blocking is a tech to improve NVH performance of the car by using cavity blocking materials to fill the body cavities including fore, mid and hid stand columns and beam in front of the top cover and absorb and block the noises made during driving.

Sound-Absorbing Cotton

Sound-absorbing cotton is made of sound-absorbing material that can eliminate resonance of the metal. It improves the vehicle NVH performance effectively and block outside noises, machinery noises, tire noise and the sound of wind.


1. Lines the whole car, helping isolate passengers from unwanted noise.
2. Decreases the amount of engine and tire vibration transmitted to the cabin, providing a quieter and more comfortable driving environment.
3. Improves the sound quality of the factory fitted stereo system.


Twin Airbags

Twin SRS airbags for the driver and passenger side provide more safety during the driving.

Hill-Start Assist Control System

It is quite difficult for drivers to start the car on an abrupt or smooth slope. When the driver switches from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal, the vehicle will back down. The system prevents the car from pulling away on an up or down road for about 2 seconds.



Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) :G3 ABS uses 4 channel and 4 sensors and all wheels can be controlled independentlyAnti-lock Brake System (ABS) :G3 ABS uses 4 channel and 4 sensors and all wheels can be controlled independently


Electric Park Brake System

EPB is short for Electric Parking Brake, designed to reduce drag and save weight versus traditional mechanical parking brake options and enhance safety in emergency stop situations. EPB enhances vehicle safety, driver comfort, convenience, and allows for greater freedom of vehicle interior design and packaging.

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Pre-Crash Seat Belt

With the function of pretension, the F5 Suri’s seat belts ensure to reduce occupants’ movement during a collision and decrease the risk of injury by automatically tightening the seat belts.

4–Door Centre Control

The central locking system enables all doors to be locked and unlocked from the driver and front passenger seat quickly and safely by a switch on the inside door handle.

Driver And Front Passenger Seatbelt Reminder

The F5 Suri will intermittently flash the reminder light and eliminated until the driver and front passenger fasten their seatbelts.

Integral Side Frame With 3H High Rigidity Body Structure

The continuous body is designed for all-direction collision shielding, integral stamping side frame will maintain survival space after collision and ensure drivers’ and passengers’ safety.

Collapsible Steering Column

Safety steering columns are able to effectively ‘absorb’ impact energy during collision, and be sequentially divided into three parts, intelligently designed to telescope inward on impact, significantly increasing safety for the driver.

Disc Brakes For All Four Wheels

Disc brakes on all four wheels, ventilated on the front, are standard in all versions, giving a remarkable brake performance.

ISO-FIX & Child Safety Lock

3 safety ISOFIX anchors can accommodate 1-2 child car seats, maximizing the protection for children onboard. Meanwhile, the F5 Suri safety belt features self-locking function, getting tighter when unfortunate collision happens to ensure the safety of children. Additionally, both the two rear doors are equipped with Child Safety Lock.



To satisfy the customer’s preference for different power and driving style, the F5 Suri is equipped with BYD classic engine-473QE as well as the most advanced turbo engine- BYD476ZQA, which integrates five technologies: turbo-charge, direct injection, stratified combustion, variable valve timing, aluminum engine.
As another significant technological innovation for BYD independent research and development, BYD 1.5TI engine-476ZQA is the pioneer of BYD second generation  engine.

T-Turbo Power, Bigger Power

Theoretically, a naturally aspirated 1.5L engine’s torque would usually reach into the 140 Nm range, a naturally aspirated 2.4L engine could potentially reach into the 240 Nm range. However, equipped with the BYD turbo system, the 1.5L engine can reach 240 Nm.

I-Direct Injection,
Lower Fuel Consumption

In the direct injection, fuel does not need to pass the air duct, but can be forced directly into the combustion chamber, where it is burnt more efficiently. Test indicates that the direct injection engine saves 10% more fuel than a conventional engine while carbon emission is halved.
The 1.5TI engine can provide a maximum power output of 113kW/5200rpm and maximum torque of 240Nm. Gear changes are made in less than 0.2 seconds, with 0-100 km/h achieved in just 8.9 seconds. With fuel economy of 6.5L/100km, it will satisfy the simultaneous demands of consumers for driving enjoyment with energy conservation and environmental friendliness.


Dimensions & Weight

Length mm 4680
Width mm 1765
Height mm 1490
Wheel Base mm 2660
Track(F/R) mm 1525/1520
Min.Turning Radius m 5.3
Min.Ground Clearance mm 125
Curb Weight kg 1330 1385 1395
Tyre 205/55 R16

Engine & Transmission

Engine model BYD 473QE BYD 476ZQA
Engine Type L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,SOHC,EGS L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,DOHC.Turbo charging
Displacement L 1.5 1.5(Turbo)
Max.Power Km/rpm 80/5800 113/5200
Max.Torque Nm/rpm 145/4800 240/1750-3500
Top Speed Km/h 166 190
Fuel delivery Multi-point sequential fuel injection Direct injection
Transmission 5MT 6MT / DCT
Tank capacity L(gal.) 50

Brake & Suspension

Brake (F/R) Ventilated Disc/Disc
Suspension Mcpherson strut type/Torsion beam type


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