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Stylish & Roomy Interior

The interior design of S6 delivers a feeling of simplicity and elegance with the combination of light grey and beige. The generous space and superior equipment guarantee a comfortable journey for passenger and driver.

Excellent Safety Technology

The F7 is uncompromising in every regard – in safety it surpasses even the highest of expectations. High-performance brakes provide absolute control over the sedan’s powerful driving forces.

Intelligent Remote Control

In the visible range (10 meters around the vehicle), the F5 can be started, and move forward and back, and turn left and right. The F5 will automatically power off and enter the security mode if there’s no more operation in remote control mode.

Innovative Convenience

The New F3 adopts the very latest intelligent technology to satisfy driver and passenger requirements. Human-oriented features are installed for a comfortable driving experience.

Great off-road Spirit

As the first Chinese SUV awarded with the 5-Star in the C-NCAP test, the S6 incorporates advanced active and passive safety technologies that prioritize passenger safety.

Trendy Interior Style

The cabin delights the senses with its harmonious spaciousness. Soft leather and ergonomic design set new standards for driving comfort. The long wheelbase of F7 offers even more spacious luxury.

Powerful Performance

F5 Suri engines integrate with five technologies: turbo charge, direct injection, stratified combustion, variable valve timing, and aluminum engine.

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